Bad N900, Bad !

The story….

Well, it all started with a small “no more memory” error telling me I cant do
anything, not enough space although my mass memory still had about 4GIG free and
the system memory was only about half full, about 400Mb’… I needed to delete
conversations. I started to do so, however after 5 conversation I deleted it
stop deleting, everything else worked fine, just stop deleting conversations. I rebooted the device, started deleting conversations again… and again, it stop responding to this operation after about 5 deletions. I restarted the device again and BOOM, its like I booted it for the 1st’ time, ALL my info was gone, contacts, calendar, setting,
bookmarks and clean desktops!, all gone!.

Well, whats left to do if not to reinstall the OS (was good time to do it actually after all the games I did with it). I tried, using Nokia software update and nothing, my Windows7 machine did not recognize the USB connection with the device all of the sudden. I read in the forums that it might be a battery issue and that’s why I can’t bring my N900 to  “R&D” mode (holding “u” key while connecting the UBS) after several rebooting, the battery is getting drained. I took a full battery from a friend who has the XM5800 and now was able to run the device in R&D mode, however, Windows still did not recognized
the device. I downloaded the “flasher” and tried with it and same result,
nothing. I went to a friend who has Fedora10 Linux installed and installed the
Flasher and it worked well, Fedora recognized the UBS and reinstalled Maemo on
the device, it now works, however… since I did not formatted the mass storage
it looks like some applications had some sort of a log or system files in the mass storage can not be reinstalled!.

Nokia!?!, where is the “format mass storage” on the N900 ??, why do I need to
run the flasher again, I don’t and would not, I want a simple tool like all other
nSeries when entering to the file browser or memory details to format the mass storage according to the device needs (folder structure etc’) .

Where is my all time favorite, in case I want to bring the device back to
its FULLY original state just press on the num-pad *#7370# for soft reboot?!? and how come *#0000# code works but the *#7370# doesnt?.

I love this N900 just don’t get why some of the basic operations that are available at all the other nSeries are missing from the N900, i know i know its a bit different by being a Maemo and Symbian but why the hustle for a simple formatting and soft reset… Who knows…

Sorry about my grammer 😛

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