After the nightmare, comes the reward !

So… it was a nightmare to get the N8, but I did!, don’t ask where/how, all I can/want to say is that it’s over, I have it in my hand, the price was not that bad, although, of course, I would have preferred  Nokia’s USA pricing…
Its sitting right here beside me as I’m writing this and what can I say… I’m happy, for now ;).
(Nokia, it does not mean I forgive you for not being here in Canada… not yet at least)

I’m not going to do a “unboxing” video, I think that I (and pretty sure that you too) already saw at least 20 of them, its pretty obvious by now whats in the box :).
Some of the home-screen short cuts are very similar to what I posted about the “N97mini home-screen tips“, so I did not have a great learning curve there, that’s good for whoever is familiar with Symbian.

Some things I like at the 1st’ 14H':
1) When pulling out the headphones, the music pauses automatically, I love it.
2) The OLED screen is amazing, really nice colors and very clear picture.
3) I like the screen saver (not that it actually needs one) and I like the fact that you can change it, big clock, photos music player Etc’…
4) The widgets support got better and of course, I love it, seeing weather on home-screen, what a treat…hehe.
5) I did not try with over 6 apps yet, but its’ very responsive and fast.
6) One log-in to my Nokia account set me up with all 3 Ovi accounts, Maps, store and sync, cool.

Some things I did not like at the 1st’ 14H':
1) In the music player, how can I listen to ALL the songs from one artist ?!?, I could not find it anywhere.. weird.
2) As left handed, its pretty hard to press the menu button!.
3) .. looking for more…

That’s it for now.
welcome to my life N8, hope you will help out :)


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